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Is your credit card safe with your oil purchase

Credit card fraud and identity theft are amongst the biggest fears of online shoppers. Now that local fuel oil dealers are making it easier for their customers to order home heating oil online with credit cards, you may be at a high risk of exposure. For example, if you order heating oil on an as needed basis (C.O.D) and you order by credit card both online and off, your card is exposed to each individual dealer and their employees. In some cases, the delivery driver has access to consumer credit card information too. If you order oil from five (5) different oil companies in one year and they each have five (5) employees, your credit card has the potential of being exposed to 25 separate individuals in that year.

Fuel oil websites are sprouting up more and more these days. Some of them are even faxing and e-mailing consumer credit information to select oil dealers. This opens up a whole new relm of possible identity theft. When it comes to safe, online ordering, is the only website that does not give out credit card numbers to ANYONE; not even the dealer delivering the oil. gives consumers the advantage of shopping online and the ability to select the oil dealer of their choice for delivery, yet not exposing their credit card information to employees, delivery drivers, telephone operators or anyone who can come in contact with this information. makes ordering home heating oil fast, easy, convenient and credit card safe! Remember, identity theft is not totally avoided because you are ordering from a website that has a security seal. This does help a great deal and you should always look for the security seal before ordering, but limiting the additional exposure of the offline process after your order should be a big concern.

Please Note: Most oil dealers are reputable people and operate with good business practices. Unfortunately, any time credit card numbers become available to others, it can be considered risky. is an automated system which does not store credit card information unless you ask for it to be stored. Your credit card is not handled by employees.

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